Chicago Loses to Division Rival

After an opening day game where the Chicago Bears looked great against the Atlanta Falcons, they have looked anything but that since then. The Bears have now lost consecutive games after dropping another one to the Green Bay Packers 27-17.

The Packers jumped on Chicago on the opening drive and never looked back. The Bears offense made a multiple mistakes turning the ball over a couple of times and only managing 13 rushing yards throughout the entire game. Chicago does not have the personnel to a support an offense where their only option is to throw the ball continually. Jay Cutler is a turnover prone quarterback, throwing two interceptions against the Packers, and the offensive line is shotty at best.

Also since the first game the Chicago defense has been scored on quite a bit. If the offense is going to struggle the way it has, the defense must shut down the opposing teams. The talent is out there to do it they just need to put it together.

If the Bears are going to continue to run the ball this poorly, they rank 31st in the NFL, they are going to have major problems this season. There are two undefeated teams within their division, the Lions and Packers, although its early they are going to need to keep pace with these rivals in order to make the postseason.

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