Bears Defeated 24-13

In a game that had great importance on the rest of the Chicago Bears’ season, the team could not come up any smaller. The lone bright spot in the loss on Monday Night in Detroit was the much maligned quarterback Jay Cutler, who performed commendably in defeat.

After a first quarter in which was officiated as poorly as a game could be officiated. The game really began in the second quarter when Matt Stafford and guess who, Calvin Johnson, hooked up on a 73 yard touchdown pass, in which Johnson just torched the secondary and gave the Lions a 7-0 lead.

Chicago was able to answer with a field goal. Before halftime Cutler was able to put a drive together and led the Bears down the field and hit Kellen Davis in the end zone to give the Bears a 10-7 lead going into the locker room.

The third quarter was owned by the Lions who started it off with an 18 yard touchdown pass to tight end Brandon Pettigrew, taking back the lead 14-10. Then to cap off the quarter Jahvid Best who has not been able to run the ball all year took it 88 yards untouched for a touchdown, giving the Lions a 21 to 10 lead.

Jay Cutler played great in this game even though the score does not really reflect that. He was hit, touched, and molested every time he dropped back, but was still able to complete passes, just not enough to win the game.

If the Bears are going to resurrect this season they are going to need the offensive line to actually compete against teams. For the first 5 games they have acted like a sieve that has gotten Cutler killed. Chicago heads back home this week to take on the miserable Vikings in what may be a must win game for the Bears.

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