Chicago Defeats Tampa Bay 24-18 in London

In Chicago’s first game in London, the defense put on quite a display for all the English fans to enjoy. The Bears were able to intercept Josh Freeman four times and shut down the Buccaneers offense for most of the game.

If the Bears have any interest in winning their division this year they are going to have to continue to win and hope that Green Bay drops a few games. The Bears will without a doubt be involved in the wild card race all year, it would just be nice if they could get a home game if possible.

Matt Forte brought his great talents and quest for a new contract to London last week where he rushed 25 times for 148 yards and a touchdown, also adding 38 yards receiving. Matt Forte has quietly become a star of the NFL and is having an all-pro caliber season.

One thing to keep an eye on as this season progresses is the protection that Jay Cutler receives. Early in the season the offensive line was atrocious, but as of late they have played extremely well and have allowed Cutler to be comfortable in the pocket and make decisions without getting killed.

Chicago has a bye week next week and will have two weeks to prepare for the Philadelphia Eagles who may be putting things together after a hideous start to their season.

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