Da Bears are Rolling

After starting the season (2-3) the Bears have put four wins together and were able to get their fourth against the division rival Detroit Lions 37-13. Everybody was ready to throw Chicago under the bus four weeks ago, with Cutler looking iffy, the offensive line playing atrociously, and the defense showing age, but four weeks and four wins heals all wounds. One thing that is still apparent is that although the offensive line has played better recently, but they are still a horrid group that forces Cutler into bad positions and throws.

Against the Lions the Chicago O-Line did not have to play all that well to win, with the defense and special teams combining for three touchdowns. The Bears defense looked like they were tired of hearing about how good the Detroit defensive line is and wanted to show everybody that they are still around and not to be taken lightly. At the beginning of the second quarter when Devin Hester returned a punt 82 yards for a touchdown and a 20-0 lead the Bears had the game well in hand.

Chicago has a shot to make it 5 in a row next week against the San Diego Chargers who have unraveled as a team in the la st four weeks. Look for Chicago to run all over the Chargers and for the defense to create a couple of turnovers off of Philip Rivers who has been turnover prone all season long.

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