Brandon Marshall Inks deal with Bears despite Nightclub Incident

The Chicago Bears’ new receiver, Brandon Marshall is no stranger to trouble and run-ins with the law. In fact, he has being very familiar with off-field troubles since his college years at Central Florida and is yet to turn a new leaf. His most recent issue came to light after his trade to the Chicago Bears and is said to involve another football player.

The New York Post reported that Marshall allegedly punched a 24 year old woman outside a New York Nightclub during an argument after he and another football player were thrown out of the club for fighting.  It was unclear whether the woman or a member of her posse was Marshall’s target but his attorney; Harvey Steinberg reportedly released a statement that contradicted new reports saying the fight that broke out at the nightclub did not involve Marshall and his friends.  Marshall was only trying to exit the club due to the chaos and his wife was hit in the face with a thrown bottle and suffered serious injury.

The Bears General Manager claimed in a statement that both his team and the Dolphins knew about the incident but decided to proceed with the trade.  They only did what they had to do in acquiring the receiver. This is a chance that the team had to take in order to fill a critical spot on their team and reunite Marshall with Jay Cutler with whom he set a number Broncos and NFL records. Either that or settle Vincent Jackson who only needs one more DUI arrest to earn a suspension for the season. A look back at Marshall’s troubled history shows a rap sheet that is nothing to write home about. He has had a history of violence against women, a few domestic issues allegedly involving weapons, and even experienced the murder of the Broncos’ Darrent Williams in 2007 when a man who had an altercation with Marshall’s cousin fatally shot him in the neck. He has been charged with DUIs and driving the wrong way on a one-way street after a game and has numerous other incidents of altercations with the public.

Marshall seems to always find a place with people willing to take chances with him but how long will this history of run-ins with the law continue.  Hopefully this is one gamble that will pay off for the bears but I say don’t hold your breath of you’re a bears fan because with Marshall comes risks and liabilities. Only time will tell if “the beast” will ever be tamed.

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