Bears Team Needs Defense To Stay Solid

Something many people have been talking about over the past week is how dynamic and intense the Bears offense looked in week 1.  They moved the ball effectively and look to be getting a core group of guys together that will make sure they end up in the end zone more often than not.  With Jay Cutler at the helm and players like Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte in the mix, this Chicago team looks like they will go deep into the playoffs.  The NFL odds seem to be stacked securely in the Bears favor.  They will need their defense to be as dynamic and impressive as ever for them to stay in the hunt, however.

Let’s face it.  The Bears defense has been the most consistent in the league for years and years.  With Lovie Smith at the helm, they have gotten better and better, as well.  But they are getting old, which could offer its share of problems later in this season.  Brian Urlacher, the captain of the Bears D, has always looked great but has also come down with some injuries over the past few years that could wield their ugly head.  He needs to stay healthy for this entire season so their defense does not become a problem going forward.  He has a great group of guys around him, including Lance Briggs, Charles Tillman and Corey Graham, but they will certainly fall apart if Urlacher is not out on the field with them.  If the Bears defense can stay healthy and consistent than the offense, they will be able to full bloom.

When it comes to elite teams in the NFL this year, one can look no further than the Chicago Bears.  With a newly rejuvenated offense and legendary defense, they should be able to make the playoffs easily. If they all can stay healthy, this could certainly be their year with the Lombardi Trophy.

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