Despite Week Two Loss, the Bears are Contenders

Last year was quite disappointing for the Chicago Bears.  After being knocked out of the playoffs in 2010 because of an injury to Jay Cutler, they were unable to get back in at a subpar 8-8 record.  That does not seem like it will be a problem going forward as the Bears have made key adjustments to their team.

The first adjustment comes at receiver.  The Bears biggest problem as of late has been the fact that Jay Cutler did not have good enough targets on the field to move the ball effectively.  This is not the case this season as he has been reunited with wide out Brandon Marshall, who looks to be an excellent addition to the Bears offense.  While Marshall will not get the ball thrown to him all the time, he will be able to pull more cornerbacks and safeties away from other receivers so they have a better chance at a catch.  He is an invaluable commodity in Chicago and will prove to pay off time and time again.

Another valuable new addition, interestingly enough, is Jay Cutler’s attitude.  Someone who has never been one to have a good reputation on and off the field, Cutler has consistently not played to his potential.  He even sat out of the previously mentioned playoff game they lost when many believe he still could have performed.  All of that seems to have washed away, however, as he looks sharp and hungry to take the Bears to the Super Bowl.  If he can maintain this level of intensity going forward, the skies the limit for this Chicago Bears team.

When it is all said and done, Chicago looks like a team to beat in the NFC this year.  If you are looking for a team to consistently bet on this coming season, the NFL odds show that it should be the Bears.

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