Cutler Hopes to Play Sunday


Photo by: MRQ/Icon SMI

Jay Cutler said this week that he plans on practicing on Thursday in preparation for Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings. If he can pass his concussion test and practice in a non-contact environment without showing signs, he will probably be able to play. This news can not come any sooner given how poorly the Bears played on Monday night, mostly because the 49ers did not respect the passing game and stacked the box all night to stop Matt Forte. This worked a majority of the time, and the 49ers were able to get constant pressure on Jason Campbell. This is not to say that the way the offense played was Campbell’s fault, but Bears fans and coaches alike know that they are better off starting Jay Cutler.

The news regarding Cutler’s concussion last week is concerning at the least. There are several numbers floating around about how many he has sustained, but through my research this was at least his 6th of his playing career. Jets legend Wayne Chrebet had to end his career short because of repeated concussions, and Cutler could be on the same track unless the Bears’ offensive line improves or he can change his playing style to avoid more hits. In addition to his other injuries, as well as his well-documented diabetes, Cutler’s health has to have become a concern over the past few years. It is also concerning how the Bears’ coaching staff and Lovie Smith have failed repeatedly to protect Cutler through whatever means necessary. While some of the blame falls on Cutler’s shoulders for not sliding at times or trying to throw blocks or make tackles, the coaching staff has to step up, in order to make sure that Cutler can remain their quarterback for a longer track than he is currently on.

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