Fighting Words


Photo by: Icon SMI

As if the Bears vs Packers rivalry needed any more fuel to the fire, some new trash talk between the two teams surfaced in the wake of their second showdown of the year at Soldier Field. Earlier this week, Packers tight end Jermichael Finley stated that the Bears were better off without Brian Urlacher in the middle of their lineup, saying he was slowing down at the end of his career and the Bears were better off without him. Aside from the leadership and intangibles Urlacher brings to the defense, his production has not seen any significant drop off like Finley suggested. Perhaps it would suit Finley better to let his play do the talking, as Finley is having a relatively quiet season with only 2 touchdowns on the year.

Lance Briggs certainly seemed to feel the same way. In his response to Finley’s comments Briggs defended Urlacher by calling Finley an idiot, and telling him to say what he has to on the field. Personally, I think trash talk has its place in certain situations, but when a player is going to their fierce rival’s stadium with a stake at the division championship on the line, it might be a good idea not to provide any more bulletin board material. This is especially true when the Bears are the team that is one game behind and are in desperate need of a win to feel secure about their playoff chances and re-stake their claim for the NFC North. Briggs will probably be covering Finley for a portion of the game on Sunday, and it will be a matchup worth keeping track of, if only for the feud they are having off the field.

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