Bears Go Bowling


Photo by: Daniel Gluskoter/Icon SMI

With the end of the season approaching and the Bears playoff hopes out of their hands, hope is bleak for some Chicago fans as the final week nears. There is good news in Bears country however, as today it was announced that 5 Chicago Bears made the Pro Bowl. The game itself may be a joke, but the honor is appreciated by all and many players will never have this chance in their entire careers. Four of the five Pro Bowlers from Chicago were on the defense, including Julius Peppers, Tim Jennings, Charles Tillman, and Henry Melton. The lone offensive Pro Bowler for Chicago was wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who has had a career year and has given the Bears a much needed threat on the outside this year. This may be a silver lining for many of the players who are hoping for a playoff birth, but it is nonetheless an honor and they should be commended.

The Bears, these 5 included, have other things on their mind. This weekend could mark the end of their season, or it could breathe life into what appeared to be a lost season. With the win last week in Arizona, the Bears kept their playoff hopes alive, but thanks to Minnesota’s win in Houston they do not control their destiny. All the Bears can do is try to beat the Lions in Detroit and then hope the Packers win as well. The Bears started off at 7-1, but an injury to Jay Cutler turned the season south quickly, as the team followed that start with a 2-5 streak, which includes last week’s victory in Arizona. The game this weekend will be very intense and exciting, but for now we should all applaud the 5 Bears that have made the Pro Bowl, and look back on the season with high praise for them.

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