Free agency rumors heating up

There is strong indication that the Bears are in the mix to land free agent defensive end Michael Bennett when the free agency period begins tomorrow for the NFL.
The Bears may have the inside track with Micheal’s brother, Martellus, already a member of the Bears and Martellus has been very vocal in regards for his own desire for he and Michael to be teammates. He said they could start the “Black Duck Dynasty.”
Michael, a member of the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks is looking to cash in big time come tomorrow afternoon. The Seahawks opted not to apply the franchise tag to Michael but have worked hard to get a deal done before free agency. After no coming to an agreement Michael looks to be the most coveted free agent available with multiple teams highly interested in the 28 year old defensive end.
Whether or not the Bears can land Michael Bennett, it signals that the Bears will release Julius Peppers opening up cap space.

Last year’s backup QB, Josh McCown could still be a part of the Bears come next season. McCown was a guest on Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN radio this morning and said he wants to play for a team that gives him a chance to start.
“We’ve talked to four teams,” McCown said. “There have been good discussions and we’ll take those as they come and evaluate those situations.”
Those teams are rumored to be the Jets, Bucs, and Texans. Reports also indicate there is still the possibility of McCown returning to the Bears.
Free agency 2014 begins tomorrow at 3pm CDT.

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