Lynch Gets His Chance to Impress

Jordan Lynch was a Heisman Trophy finalist in last year’s voting before going undrafted.  When he was picked up by the Chicago Bears, he was required to undertake a position change from quarterback to running back.  So far, the preseason has been limited for Lynch.  During the upcoming fourth preseason game against the Browns, Lynch may finally get his time to shine.

“I expect you’ll see quite a bit of him [Lynch],” Bears head coach Marc Trestman said. “I’m sure he’ll have an opportunity to carry the football, to do a little bit of what he did a couple of games ago when he got a couple of reps and did very well running the football. So it’ll be a good opportunity for him to get out there and show what he’s learned and how he’s improved over the last month of playing a completely new position. That’ll involve pass protection as well, you know this is a team that brings the blitz, so he’ll have an opportunity to get in the pass protection as well, and catch some balls outside the pocket and stuff like that. I’m excited for him and his opportunity.”

In the preseason opener, Lynch carried the ball seven times for 24 yards, but he  hasn’t touched the football since.  This time around, he knows it’s his turn in the spotlight, and he is preparing himself to take advantage of the opportunity.  “It’s a very exciting week, now I get to actually go out there and kind of showcase my talent,” Lynch said. “I’m really excited. I’m prepared for this and I just love football. I get a chance to go out there fly around and have fun.

While auditioning for a spot on the roster at the running back position, Lynch also has been participating in special teams.  This game will also serve as a chance for him to make an impression on the coaching staff with the opportunity to showcase his ability to hit.  “I go out there and we don’t really hit in practice,” Lynch said. “There’s some thudding going on and you can kind of tell and get a judgment of that and I’m always out there, high-effort guy, always going out there full speed and I think they know what they have in me.”

Whether he makes the Bears final 53-man roster is uncertain at this point, however with a strong showing against the Browns, his chances are fairly high. If he doesn’t make the roster, he will still have the game tape for other teams’ to see who may be interested in giving the quarterback-turned-runningback a shot on their own roster.  Not all players who come into the league from college are forced to change positions, so watching Lynch against the Browns will be something many people will be doing, including many teams around the league.  We wish him the best.

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