Culter shows toughness

I bet many of you thought the same thing as myself after Jay Cutler took that vicious shot in the chest last night during the Bears-49ers game. Just like the playoff game against the Packers, Cutler was going to be a spectator for the rest of the game.
Down 17-0 already and the defense looking unable to stop the 49ers,
Quinton Dial was penalized for a nasty hit on Cutler just before halftime. Dial got the crown of his helmet right in the sternum area of Cutler sending him to the ground. Cutler was down for a bit and I thought for sure he was done for the night if not longer. I was waiting for the text messages crying for Josh McCown as Cutler struggled to get back up on his feet. NBC showed Jimmy Claussen getting warmed up on the sidelines as well.
Beyond surprised was the way I felt seeing Cutler stay in the game. After being criticized as soft ever since he has been in Chicago, he definitely earned some toughness points in my book and hopefully in many of yours.  Not only that, he lead the Bears back from a 17 point deficit to win the game 28-20.cutler the man

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