If available at #7, Mari-NO-ta for the Bears

Marcus MariotaHeard a ton of discussion over the last week about the top two quarterbacks in the upcoming NFL draft and where they might land.  More and more it seems Florida State’s Jameis Winston will be a sure thing for the #1 spot to Tampa Bay and then things get cloudy as far as where Oregon’s Marcus Mariota will go.  Mock drafts had the two going #1 and #2 until the last couple of weeks and now I’ve seen Mariota going anywhere from #1 to #10.

The Bears sit at #7 and many fans feel this could be the answer and could pave the way for Jay Cutler’s release, but I’m definitely not one of them.  Not because I’m a “Cutler guy”, but I feel strongly that there are so many more holes that this team needs to fill more so than the quarterback.  The defensive side of the ball especially needs major changes because the last two years have seen the worst defense in franchise history and were talking about nearly a century of football for the beloved.

With John Fox stating earlier in the week at the combine that the defense will be a 3-4 in 2015 a pass rusher is at the top of my wish list and there are very good ones that fit the mold of DE/LB and that is where I think the Bears will need to strike if they stay at #7.  Even if Mariota is available at #7, which I don’t feel he will be, they should trade down because someone will definitely want him at that point.  If the Bears can add additional picks that works for me.  Best case scenario is still landing one of those top DE/LB and perhaps getting the safety from Alabama, Landon Collins.  Now I know that’s dreaming, but why not dream.  I’ve lived the reality of the last two disappointing seasons.

A scenario where that could happen is possible with Eagles.  Chip Kelly isn’t in love with Nick Foles and a reunion between Kelly and Mariota is a possibility and that could get the Bears additional picks if the Eagles are willing to move up from #20.  Backup Mark Sanchez is a free agent in Philly as well and seems unlikely to return so a grooming for Mariota could be lining up.

Of course this is all dependent upon Mariota falling down the first round which is no certainty.  One certainty is that the level of excitement will be unprecedented when the Bears are on the clock in the first round with the NFL draft in Chicago.  Gives me goosebumps thinking about it.



What are your thoughts on Mariota and the upcoming draft?  Reply or hit me up on Twitter @jchan219.


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